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Bike Rental & Water Sports Rental

Bike Rental

Bicycling is an adventurous and a way to explore Vieques Island with its natural untouched landscapes and Eco-systems. There are many wonderful trails that allow you access to some of the more remote locations on the island where taxis don't go. Biking is best done on the south coast – where you will find most of the famous beaches. Biking to the north coast from Esperanza can be challenging because some steeps inclines. Biking at nighttime is a NO, roads are narrow and dark. 

The island is the perfect size for exploration by cyclists of average physical condition.

  • Call (787) 644-7112 for our bike rental rates.
  • Discounts available for 4 or more days
  • Rental includes a helmet, a lock, and a trail repair kit.
  • 35.00 per bike per day. 
  • 4 days or more 25.00 per bike per day. 

Where to Bike

For your Do- It-Yourself Biking Adventure, we will provide you with a Vieques map, and tips on the good bike trails so you can go almost anywhere. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks because it is easy to lose track of time exploring the natural beauty of Vieques.

On the North West Side:

You can easily explore by bike multiple single-track horse trails, abandoned military bunkers, the historical sugar plantation ruins, the Ceiba tree and beaches as well as the Kiani Lagoon.

On the South Side:

Take a bike ride out to the Eastern National Wildlife Refuge, an excellent way to see all the beaches in that area. The terrain is half paved, half gravel road, and mostly flat with rolling hills. There are a few trails along the road to Tres Palmitas which provide a little jolt of adventure, climbing up to the cliff sides for amazing views.

After exploring the beaches, take a ride to Esperanza and watch the sunset or continue west to visit Black Sand Beach. 

Fuji Mountain Bikes

The Fuji Bike company was established in 1899 and was named after Mt. Fuji, a Japanese symbol of Strength and Endurance. The company has thrived over a hundred years by making some of the best bikes on the planet. We have chosen Fuji Mountain Bikes for our Bike Rental Program.

From a cycling perspective, a mountain is typically the most challenging part of any ride. But it also offers the greatest opportunity for triumph. Conquer your mountain on Vieques on one of our Fuji Bikes.

Water Sports Equipment Rental

 Call 787.644.7112  for more than one day rental rates.

Available to Rent

  • Ocean Kayaks — 55.00 per day Includes kayak, paddle, backrest and life vest
  • Paddleboards — 55.00 per day Includes board and paddle
  • Snorkel Gear — 15.00 per set Includes snorkel, mask and fins