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It’s Vieques’s wild west end! We start at the Grand Ceiba tree, silent witness to over 300 years of Vieques’ history. We continue west on a flat road to allow the group time to warm up their muscles, passing various municipal buildings, homesteads, and symbols of Vieques history and development. A brief stop at the Kiani lagoon for a look up close at the Mangrove ecosystem provides a pause before we explore the loops and gently rising hills of old navy bunkers. This is where the real fun is as we duck overgrowth and dodge horses under the watchful eye of two of the tallest points on Vieques: Mount Pirata and Cerro el Buey. Another stop at the sugar mill ruins for a Indiana Jones experience followed by a final challenging climb and sweet reward of bombing it down the other side! Refresh yourself at a cool dip on the beach off of Mosquito Peer.

Here’s a little map of the bike tour we give. 12-14 miles round trip of natural, historical, and physical fun!

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Posted on Jan 9, 2015


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